Nashville Police

Lotto Ticket Thief Leaves Trail Behind For Officers

Law Enforcement Officers in Nashville, Tennessee arrested, who they suspect to be the Mapco Burglar, early Monday morning. At 1:30 am Monday morning, L.E.O.s responded to reports of a burglary alarm going off at the Mapco Gas Station on Lebanon Rd and Spence Ln, just South of downtown Nashville, where they found broken glass and scattered Lotto tickets. Officers then noticed hundreds of tickets outside of the gas station leading a trail away from the scene. Officers followed the trail in hopes of locating the suspect. Some local reports corroborate that the tickets led a trail to a metal building…

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Instant Lottery Games

Mississippi Now The 45th State to Legalize Lotteries

There are now five remaining U.S. states with no lottery offerings: Utah, Nevada, Hawaii, Alabama, and Alaska. Mississippi removes itself from the list of U.S. states with no lottery as of August 31st, 2018 after a special session with the state House of Representatives. MS Governor Phil Bryant, who had until mid-September to act, signed the Alyce G. Clarke Mississippi Lottery Act into law which would allow the state to offer lottery options through physical retailers come next year. The Governor highly supports the Lottery Act known as MS Senate Bill 2001 as a means to provide funding and invest…

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MN lottery bird

Minnesota Online Lottery Victory Questions Legality

A man in Minnesota celebrated after winning a $1 million Powerball jackpot recently. However, instead of purchasing his ticket through a local proprietor (i.e. gas station) he won via the mobile lottery app known as Jackpocket. Some believe Brandon Stevenson, the winner, violated state laws and is not entitled to his jackpot earnings. Jackpocket is a 5-year-old application based in New York. It allows people within the borders of Minnesota and New Hampshire to purchase lottery tickets online, essentially cutting out the process of physically going to the store to purchase a ticket. You do not need to be a…

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NJ Lottery

New Jersey To Allow Lottery Courier Service For Online Ticket Purchases

It all came into focus when an Iraqi man won the Oregon state lottery using a legal online lottery website and traveled to the state to collect his $6.4 million dollars. Right before Christmas last year, a bill was passed into law by the governor of New Jersey that seemed inconspicuous at first glance. The bill was to provide a courier service to lottery players in the state and by doing so, it has also allowed players to access online lottery websites that offer Powerball tickets through lottery agents. The law grants the legal right to sell New Jersey Lottery tickets…

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