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Legal Online Lottery: Your How-To For Buying Online Lotto Tickets

It’s widely believed that most of the world’s population dreams of fame and glory. However, what’s left out of the equation mostly is what would come along with being famous or having some glorious position, and that’s the stacks of money on which you could sleep at night or swim though like Scrooge McDuck! The riches are what people are really after, and that’s why you have a lot more people playing the lottery than are trying to be actors or singers.

No one really knows what they would do with a couple of hundred million dropped on them out of the blue, but that doesn’t deter the tens of millions who play the lottery every single day in the expectation of winning the money.

At Legal Online Lottery, we fully realize just how popular and pervasive the lotto is. We also notice that a lot of the lotto ticket- buying experience has moved online. Sure, those gas stations and convenience stores still sell massive amounts of tickets, but the Internet is also a huge player today.

But how does it all work? Throughout this lotto guide, we’re going to touch on the legality of playing the lotto and on steps you can take to purchase tickets online.

Is the Lottery Even Legal via the Internet?

The lottery in the United States is something that is controlled and offered on a state level. While many states end up converging with a jackpot like the Mega Millions or Powerball, it is still controlled at the state level and doesn’t have much of anything to do with the federal government.

Therefore, it doesn’t technically fall under the banner of federal anti-gambling legislation like the Federal Wire Act or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

This means that purchasing lottery tickets via the Internet is perfectly legal. The lottery is legal and open to all to play, so you don’t need to take any special steps per se to shop for your tickets online.

This information is incredibly straightforward, but it’s oftentimes misrepresented online or made to be overly complex. Many sources attempt to tie lotteries in with other state-based gambling measures, such as online gambling, on-location casinos, etc. The fact is that they’re not even close to being the same. While they all technically may be gambling, lotteries operate completely independent of other gambling options and thus they’re treated differently. In this instance, they’re legal to play online.

Practicality in the Legality of Lotteries

Why are lotteries legal? To understand this, you only have to remember that civics class you sat in while in high school. The government is made up of elected officials who supposedly work for us. While that point may be in debate depending on where you stand politically, what isn’t up for debate is that the government does not produce a product.

The millions of government employees and programs are paid for by the government taking money from people who earn it in the private sector. However, these taxes levied cannot pay for everything. Education and infrastructure are two areas where government is always looking for more money, and so they use lotteries to fund these projects.

Government deciding to make lotteries illegal would be cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. It wouldn’t make any practical sense. It’s easy enough to see why a state like Utah doesn’t offer a state lottery, but over 44 other states do. It’s simply practical to allow for lotteries, and they will always be legal online.

A Brief How-To Guide for Purchasing Online Tickets

Locate A Solid Source

Your first big issue when purchasing lottery tickets online is to find a legitimate source. If you’re buying your tickets from any old website that just pops up on your screen, you will not know if you can trust this site or if the source is reputable. Just imagine that you end up hitting something like $4 million. How would you expect someone to act 2,000 miles away who’s sitting there with your ticket? Tempted doesn’t cover it.

Now, imagine this were the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot! You’d be spending the rest of your life in court trying to claim ownership of the ticket that’s legally not in your possession. This is why you must find a trustworthy source from which to buy your tickets.

We have guides on 2 states which include PA and MI.

Decide on Your Preferred Lottery/Ticket Scheme

There are over 50 lotteries active in the United States and thousands upon thousands of ways you can play this myriad of tickets. You don’t want to waste days on end trying to figure things out once you’ve found the site. Go ahead and decide on which lotteries you want to play and how you want to play your tickets. Lottos are completely random; there are no systems or lucky numbers or karma here. It’s all pure luck. So don’t stress yourself out over how to play. One ticket is literally as good as another. They have equal chances to win.

Avoid Unnecessary Filler

Often is the case that you may find a reputable site, but said site will want you to sign up with a bunch of different prize drawings and random lotteries. Most of these supposed prize drawings are simply ways to catalog your email and for the companies to get in touch with you to sell you products. You’re probably not going to actually win anything here. Avoid the unnecessary filler. Get your site, buy your tickets, and avoid the rest of the rubbish.

Make a Copy and Keep it Handy

In order to avoid hassles, like a site trying to keep your winnings, you need to make a copy of your ticket. Now, this is incredibly simple for Windows users. Simply load up the webpage which contains the photocopy of your ticket and hit CTRL + the “print screen” key. Now, open up a program like Paint. Inside of it, just right-click and paste, or press CTRL + V. After this, choose the “save as” option and name a simple JPEG file to keep on record. If you experience any hassles, you have indisputable proof that the ticket is yours.

Legal Online Lottery recognizes what a big draw the lotto is. There are many benefits to choosing to get your tickets online, such as being able to find bulk deals, not having to travel, and the ability to play any lottery from any state in the nation. However, your experience here is only going to be as good as the site you choose. We suggest you choose wisely; we suggest you allow us to point you in the direction of a quality purveyor of online lotto tickets.