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Legal USA Online Lottery Sites 2024

Lottery IconWith more and more of our lives being organized, scheduled and orchestrated by technology, it is no surprise that purchasing lottery tickets online is becoming more widespread.  But is buying lottery tickets online even legal in the US? And if so, how do you know which sites you can trust to purchase your tickets from.  You will find all these answers and more here at

Is It Legal To Purchase Lottery Tickets Online In The United States In 2024?

In a nutshell, playing or buying online lottery tickets is completely legal in most countries. But for countries such as the United States that have anti-gambling measures in place, it can be extremely confusing for players.

In 2011 the DOJ ruled that the Federal Wire Act only applies to online sports betting. One of the primary reasons that the DOJ issued this legal opinion was because individual states wanted to launch online lottery ticket sales. They got the answer they were hoping for.  The Federal Wire Act was the only obstacle, and the Department Of Justice removed it for them.   Now there are no federal laws that deem it illegal to buy lottery tickets online through licensed state lottery sites.

After the DOJ’s legal opinion was announced, several states began offering online lottery ticket purchases immediately. There are are also offshore legal online lottery sites that are basically a messenger service that goes on your behalf to a lottery retailer to purchase a ticket.  Those destinations are perfectly legal, however, we recommend sticking to the official state lottery sites for playing US based lottery games.

We have provided links to those sites in this guide. You will find options for purchasing tickets, playing instant win games signing up for lottery ticket subscription services.

Top Rated Legal US Online Lottery Sites For 2024

Trusted ReviewsBelow you will find access to several official state lottery programs. These websites are licensed and regulated by the state in which it is located. They offer the option for buying tickets online to their state lottery games, as well as the multi-state games that they participate in, such as Mega Millions and Power Ball.

Please note you must reside in the actual state to be able to signup and play their real money lottery games.

Site NameCurrent BonusStatesPlay
Michigan Lottery Logo50% Max $100MI OnlyPlay Now
Pennsylvania Lottery Logo$5 FreePA OnlyPlay Now

Popular Lottery Games Where You Can Buy Your Tickets Online

Which States Legally Allow Online Lottery Ticket Purchases?

A total of 44 states host lottery games in the US.  Of those 44, a handful has already integrated online lottery games into their offerings.  So far, you can buy online lottery tickets from these states: Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, North Dakota and Pennsylvania.

In addition, the following states offer online lottery subscription services: Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Virginia. The one caveat here is that you have to be a resident of the state that you are trying to purchase a lottery ticket from.

State lottery regulations in these regions have included a stipulation that states that lying about your residency or address is a crime punishable by law.

A few states have opted for a lottery messenger service that deploys an employee to visit a physical retail location and purchase your tickets for you.  New Jersey is one such region, and California is another. This is the same concept used at offshore online lottery agents.

How To Play The Lottery Online

The first step is visiting the official website for the state lottery that you intend to play. You will find a table above with several such options.  Once you have registered for an account you will be able to make deposits and purchase the tickets you want. Find the game, pick your numbers, and purchase your tickets. The next step is just waiting for the draw.

What is a Lottery Subscription?

A lottery subscription service offered by a state lottery site allows you to play any lottery you want on a scheduled and regular basis. You can designate the number of draws you would like and how frequently you would like the subscription to purchase tickets on your behalf. The number of draws you can subscribe to varies by region. Playing regularly may increase the likelihood of a life changing lottery win, though there are arguments both for and against that theory.

How Do I Collect My Winnings?

Typically, for relatively small amounts of 600 or so, you will be credited that amount into your online lottery account. For larger amounts, you may be asked to complete an online claim form or visit the lottery headquarters in person to claim your winnings.  The specific process will depend on the amount that you win and the procedures in place in the state hosting the game that you’ve won.

How Do I Know I Will Receive The Full Amount Of My Winnings?

The lottery websites you see featured in this guide all adhere to state regulations and licensing requirements.  This guarantees they must payout winnings according to established state lottery guidelines. There are some state lotteries that withhold winnings for individuals who have certain debts on file with the state, such as back owed child support or restitution.

Common Lottery Myths

If I just play long enough – I will definitely win! – mathematically speaking, this is not true. Is it worth playing the lottery? If you are looking for some fun and keep your efforts in moderation – then yes, it can be a lot of fun. The lottery should be played as a form of entertainment for fun when you happen to have a few extra bucks to spare.

When you look at the number of tickets purchased vs the number of winners, it is easy to see that the lottery should not be considered a sound investment.

The more tickets I buy, the better my chances of winning! – statistically, this has been proven to be false. The odds are not in the players’ favor and buying 100 tickets vs 1 ticket does not improve them for you.  The number of tickets you would have to buy to make this statement true would negate the benefits of winning it.

Playing the same numbers every week improves my chances of winning! – there have been more winners who have had their numbers selected through a quick pick feature than by those who manually select their numbers.  Does this negate the original statement – we’re not sure, but we do know that the majority of winners didn’t even pick their own numbers.

I don’t need to worry about my retirement as long as I play the lottery every week, I’m bound to win eventually – the lottery should NEVER be considered a substitute for a retirement plan.  It is possible for you to play twice a week for 30 years and never win a dime. We strongly recommend that you do not play the lottery in lieu of planning for your retirement. The lottery is a form of entertainment, not a long-range financial plan.