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WinTrillions Lottery Review – Is WinTrillions A Legitimate Lottery Agent?

Update For 2017:  We no longer recommend Wintrillions as a reputable option for players. We encourage all players to play with official state lottery sites.

WinTrillions Logo border is a website that gives customers access to lotteries from all over the world. They are owned by Triangulum N.V., who also own other legal US lottery websites that function successfully in the industry.

Their registration is listed out of Curacao where they are officially listed as a lottery messenger service. Curacao is a globally respected hub for regulation of businesses of this sort. The website launched in 2005 and has served over 480,000 people from 118 countries since then.

They claim to have helped over 260,000 WinTrillions winners with their prizes from the various lotteries that they offer their courier services for. At the time of this writing, they have 20 lotteries available, 13 syndicates, 9 millionaire raffles, and 4 raffle syndicates and the website is currently available in 9 languages.

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What you will find below is a detailed review of the WinTrillions website, how to use it and the various features that it offers. We dive into the details of the business and how the courier service works and offer an understandable explanation of the legal climate that surrounds businesses like these.

Below you will not only find information on how to use the website and its features, but also a snapshot on the banking options, bonuses and promotions, and customer support offered at  If you want to learn more about our review process, just visit our page covering online lottery site reviews.

How Do Online Lottery Agents Work? is not the operator of the lotteries you are playing, they are a messenger service that purchases tickets on behalf of its customers, monitors the drawings, and informs customers when they have won.

The website functions as a lottery subscription service. They have placed agents in the physical locations of all the lotteries that they offer services for. When you purchase a Hot Lotto ticket online, for instance, their agents that are located in one of the Hot Lotto states will go and physically purchase the ticket for you and monitor it for the drawings that you have selected.

A photo copy of the ticket is then sent to you for verification of your purchase. If and when you have winning numbers, a member of the WinTrillions team will contact you to set up the appropriate steps in which you will take to receive your funds.

Winners are typically dealt with on a case by case basis when the amounts are high. However, when the amounts are low they are simply credited back into your WinTrillions account and are available to withdraw or use to purchase more tickets.

Is WinTrillions Legitimate?

Most Trusted IconThe first thing we look at when determining the safety and reliability of a lottery messenger service like WinTrillions is their licensing credentials. We then investigate the amount of the time and experience they have in the industry.

WinTrillions is owned and operated by Triangulum N.V. and licensed out of Curacao. They have been in the online lottery courier business since 2005 and also own LottoKings among other top websites in the industry. This is the first positive indicator of reputation and safety.

While there are various negative reviews on the internet for this brand, they are chiefly revolving around customer service miscommunications and not about the general reliability of the business. Still, there are always pros and cons. One of the next factors that we look for is the financial security of their account servers. uses the industry standard 256-bit secure sockets layer (SSL) data encryption on their servers that has been guaranteed to keep your private information safe.

WinTrillions Lotteries

At the time this review is being written, there are 20 lotteries available at

1. Powerball – USA
2. Mega Millions – USA
3. SuperenaLotto – Italy
4. OZ Lotto – Australia
5. Euromillions – Europe
6. Eurojackpot – Europe
7. Euromillions UK – Europe
8. Mega-Sena – Brazil
9. UK Lotto – UK
10. El Gordo – Spain
11. German Lotto – Germany
12. Hot Lotto – USA
13. California Super Lotto – USA
14. Powerball Australia – Australia
15. La Primitiva – Spain
16. Canada Lotto – Canada
17. New York Lotto – USA
18. French Lotto – France
19. Irish Lotto – Ireland
20. UK Thunderball – UK

How To Buy A Lottery Ticket From

  1. Complete your registration
  2. Make a deposit into your WinTrilions account (banking options discussed below)
  3. Choose the lottery you wish to buy tickets for and click the associated link for that game on the site.
  4. There are three key details to purchasing your ticket from this point.
    1. “How many lines would you like to play?” This is the amount of chances per ticket, per draw that you would like to purchase.
    2. “Select your numbers.” You can either choose “quick pick” which will automatically choose your numbers for you at random, or you can choose to select the numbers manually for all of the lines you have chosen to play per draw.
    3. “Choose number of draws.” This is the amount of draws you would like your tickets to be included in.
    4. Then “ADD TO CART” to view your cart, confirm your purchase and make payment through the checkout process. is a multi-draw subscription service. This means that unlike other lottery agents, WinTrillions does not allow customers to purchase one ticket for one draw at a time. The cheapest and shortest subscription option offered currently on WinTrillions is a 2-week subscription for 4 consecutive draws. They have options for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and a full year as well.

WinTrillions Subscriptions

A lottery subscription is a service that is typically offered by websites in addition to their single buy options. In subscriptions, you are given the chance to set parameters for monthly automatic purchases of tickets. At, they function exclusively as a subscription service that requires you to purchase the entire subscription length up front.

They do not offer single buy options at all. With WinTrillions subscriptions, your purchases will automatically renew at the end of the subscription length that you have set. That means if you choose to buy Powerball tickets online for 4 draws over the course of 2 weeks, that purchase will automatically renew itself at the end of those two weeks. To stop this, you must make sure to send an email to or call their customer service department and request your subscription be ceased at +442031399052 or +525547772359.

WinTrillions Syndicates

Lottery syndicates are groups of likeminded people who want to opt in for a higher chance at winning. Everyone in a lottery syndicate shares the group’s collective chances at winning without having to purchase any extra tickets. Should there be any winnings, the prizes are divided amongst the group according the members contributions. Currently, WinTrillions offers 13 lottery syndicates.

1. Power Combo
2. Powerball
3. USA Mega Millions
4. Euro Combo
5. Italy’s SuperEnalotto
6. Lucky 7
7. Australian Lotto
8. EuroClub
9. EuroMillions Max
10. EuroMilions 50
11. Eurojackpot
12. Spain’s La Primitiva
13. Irish Lotto

Banking Options at Wintrillions

The banking options at are reported by other sources to be much more extensive than we have been able to confirm ourselves. We are located in the USA and we feel because of this that our account only shows that three banking options that are available to Americans. If you live in another country, we encourage you to check their banking options yourself as you may find more options available to you than we have.
The three banking options that we have found as Americans are: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Customer Support at WinTrillions

The customer support team at WinTrillions is quick and responsive with live chat and email options that are made easily available for their customers. The negative reviews that have been found on the internet have primarily stemmed from miscommunications with the customer service team based on a language barrier.

The company is based out of Curacao where they speak Dutch and Papiamentu as their official languages and although their representatives seem to have a solid grasp on the English language, we recommend that you make your questions simple and concise to avoid any possible miscommunications. The customer service live chat is only available during their business hours but is swift and receptive to incoming messages. You can email them at or call at +442031399052 or +525547772359.

Promotions and Bonuses at WinTrillions

WinTrillion’s promotions packages come in three main formats. They offer a general Refer-A-Friend bonus, Daily Deals, and a VIP Rewards Program. For referring a friend to WinTrillions, you and your friend will receive freeplays for the USA based Mega Millions Lottery. In the daily deals, as the name might suggest, they change daily to offer things like 10% off on Powerball tickets, or 5% off on the French Lotto.

At the time of writing this review, it is a Tuesday and they are offering 5 separate bonuses for different lotteries that they offer. In the VIP rewards section, you will earn 1 VIP loyalty point for every $2 dollars you spend at With the VIP program, you will gain access to VIP bonuses and promotions and you can redeem your VIP points for discounts on lottery tickets and even free plays.

The Good And The Bad


  • Over 10 years in the industry.
  • Strong parent company.
  • Large selection of lotteries and syndicates.
  • Developed subscription service.


  • Limited banking options for Americans.
  • Automatic renewal of purchases.
  • Customer service frequently experiences miscommunications based on language barrier.
WinTrillions Rating
  • Reputation
  • Bonuses
  • Lottery Options

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